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Training Log – 08/01/2017

Tuide notes: Remember your anchors and circles. Understand that the first set is fundamental and all things build on it. Kobudo notes: be mindful of the strong and weak sides and distancing. Fight the opponent not the weapon. General notes: Think about where your hips can help your technique, but don’t look silly. You’re not […]


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Tuite Seminars

“Get a grip on your art…” Tuite, often translated as “seizing hand” is the Okinawan art of joint locks & grappling. It’s an often misunderstood art, usually practiced apart from karate but is in actuality a seamless extension of Okinawan martial arts. What you see is just the beginning of what you can get out […]


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Dojo News New Years Resolution Special

Happy New Year from White Rock Kenshinkan Karate & Kobudo Dojo!!! We hope 2013 is a terrific year for you! Austin’s only Shorin Ryu Dojo, offering Okinawan karate & kobudo(weaponry), tuite (joint locks/grappling) and practical self defense concepts. If you haven’t made your resolution yet…or if you’re just looking for something new, try martial arts! WRK is offering a […]


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Training Log Tuite and intro to kumite

Tonight we worked on the next level of tuite. Note that now we’re shifting stances. That equates to shifting weight and change body! Pay attention to your stances and keeping shoulders and hips in alignment. Start to pay attention to how the uke’s body responds. That will be more and more important! We started our trip down […]


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Pacific Northwest Dojos announce Kobudo and tuite seminar dates

Evergreen Karate Club and associated dojo announced the dates for the 2013 kobudo and tuite seminars. CLICK FOR MORE INFO 


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Springwoods Park dojo 8/16/12

Basics (blocks) and then we moved into a hu bud drill. Everyone looked very good, after the break! Remember the circle and make a complete block, even then. Intent! Ippon kumite – Like always, step-stance-technique Escapes – The group is getting the moves down. Remember to keep a good stance and elbows in! Discussion: We […]


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Free Park classes

WRK is sponsoring an “Intro to Martial Arts” Class weekly at Springwoods Park Tuesday & Thursday at 7p.m. Students will learn basic techniques and general martial arts concepts and history. Click here for class photos…


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WRKK in Top Ten in DFW!!

In a recent poll by cityvoter.com White Rock Kenshinkan Karate & Kobudo Dojo placed 7th overall and was the ONLY Traditional Martial Arts school to make the Top Ten!! If you’ve ever been interested in martial arts or are looking to return to training, come see what makes us the #1 Traditional Karate dojo in DFW!! Don’t forget […]


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Athens Black Belt Class

All day class at Athens Karate School for the Certified Instructor candidates. As a student I get so much from training not only with Shipes Sensei but also with my fellow yudansha. As much as I learn about refinements to my technique from Sensei, I learn as much just talking with my fellow students. Discussing […]


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