White Rock Kenshinkan Karate Dojo

Austin, TX

Shorin Ryu

Training Log- Kobudo Concepts

Kobudo training with the bo, tonight! Concepts from karate translate to kobudo…or vice versa…? Body placement and stance are in effect here, as well as those circles we talk about. Awareness is very important, in this case body and weapon awareness. Bo is a great tool because it translates to almost any size stick.


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Training notes- karate hubud and transitions

We added another set of hubud to the list, using the backfist Focus on controlling both the uke’s hands and yours and let the natural flow work to apply the technique. Recall that transitioning between set 1 and set 2 was easy once the flow was established.


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Training notes-karate class kick drills

We worked on some basic kick defense drills. First using an open hand parry adn then blocking with legs. Remember to focus on having a good foundation AND good balance. One of the big take-aways from these drills is recovering balance as well as practicing some defense moves. Tight fingers & timing are important when […]


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Karate training notes – basic combos circle theory

We added the combos from the basics into the 25 basics. Recall that for sweep/punch/block if follows the same concepts found in other karate basics, extending and gathering power and momentum. Remember to recover your stance and pay attention to balance alignment!! For the combos also remember to make all the techniques distinct and correct. […]


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