White Rock Kenshinkan Karate Dojo

Austin, TX


Training notes- karate hubud and transitions

We added another set of hubud to the list, using the backfist Focus on controlling both the uke’s hands and yours and let the natural flow work to apply the technique. Recall that transitioning between set 1 and set 2 was easy once the flow was established.


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Training Notes Karate koteate hubud and kata

Good round of basics with the addition of some combo techniques. Remember, when doing the combos it’s better to slow up some and do the technique correctly, rather than shortcut it to try and keep up. Try not to slow the class down, but take the time you can to focus on the technique. So […]


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Springwoods Park Dojo 8/28/2012

Basics, adding block w/front kick to the side. We picked up the pace in basics a bit. Tightening up wider stances – we addressed the weight shift issues. We talked about some ways to remember the order of the blocks. We used a hubud drill to work on a simple arm bar & transitions for […]


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