White Rock Kenshinkan Karate Dojo

Austin, TX

FAQs for bunkai seminar

Is it open to all styles/systems?

You bet! The purpose is to help any martial artist pull more out of their training AND demonstrate how concepts span the arts.

Open to all levels?

You bet! Even if the applications aren’t level-appropriate, we’ll discuss many concepts that are applied at all levels.

Can I wear my uniform and belt?

You bet! (getting the idea? 😉 ) As a matter of fact, we want that so we can learn about other systems and break down the barriers that block us. NOTE: Our dojo floor is tile and it’s a long day so pay attention to your feet. Also, pay attention to others’ feet as well. Not everyone plays barefoot. If you train in shoes, wear them, but please be mindful of those that go shoeless.

Speaking of long days…how long? Will there be breaks from the terrible violence and even more terrible jokes?

There will be short breaks (bottled water is provided and you really don’t get away from the jokes) and we’ll break for luncheon. There are a couple of lunch spots in the complex where we’re located and several more a short drive away.

Do I need to know the featured kata?

Nope! This year’s featured kata is really a grab-bag of different ones and concepts that run through all of them. We’ll also have some foundational material, that’s cross-style.

OK, so what do I have to do then!?

Come and have fun!! Learn and share! You are encouraged to train with folks from different systems and styles to see how the other half lives, so to speak.



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