White Rock Kenshinkan Karate Dojo

Austin, TX

Federation News

4th Bunkai Seminar Debrief

White Rock Kenshinkan Dojo held it’s 4th annual Bunkai seminar. This year’s attendance was double previous years and had a strong showing, by both Federation members and first timers, and several returning karateka, as well. In all, martial artists representing the following systems came to share in kata concepts and applications: Shorinryu | Goju Ryu | Kempo […]


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3rd Annual Bunkai Seminar

2014 Bunkai Seminar Pictures    Saturday April 4th 2015 1:30-5:30pm The seminar is open to all martial artists who are interested in researching practical applications within their kata/forms. We’ll be discussing applications from kata, focusing on Naihanchi/Naifanchi/Tekki/Chul Gi and also from Pinan/Pyong series and others. Find the FAQs here… Last year’s seminar had attendees with […]


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Promotion News!!

Congratulations to my Dallas student Chris Carroll on his promotion to shodan!!! Also, Blaine Hightower received his 3rd kyu brown belt and John Fleming, who took over the Dallas dojo, received his Instructor Certification in karate. Very proud of you all!!  


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WRK Rank Promotions

White Rock Kenshinkan Karate Dojo in Austin, TX announces student promotions! Students demonstrated their ability in karate, tuite, self defense, ippon kumite and kata as well as protocol and adaptability. Hector Flores and Harry Hart passed the examination for 9th kyu in class tonight, as guests watched adding to the pressure. They performed all the techniques […]


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Pacific Northwest Dojos announce Kobudo and tuite seminar dates

Evergreen Karate Club and associated dojo announced the dates for the 2013 kobudo and tuite seminars. CLICK FOR MORE INFO 


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WRK moves indoors!

White Rock Kenshinkan Karate & Kobudo moved indoors! The dojo is sharing space with the fine folks at Austin Ving Tsun Academy. A few students of the Springwoods Park Dojo made the move and we had one new student! The space is great and we hope to start filling it up a bit!


Athens Black Belt Class

All day class at Athens Karate School for the Certified Instructor candidates. As a student I get so much from training not only with Shipes Sensei but also with my fellow yudansha. As much as I learn about refinements to my technique from Sensei, I learn as much just talking with my fellow students. Discussing […]


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