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FAQ’s for Parents

  • Q. What kind of Martial Arts do we teach?
    A. We teach Matsumura Orthodox (traditional) Okinawan Shorin Ryu Karate. Our training is driven by traditional self-defense methods and values. We do not teach from a “sport” karate aspect which is typically geared towards competition and tournament standards. We do not discourage participation in, nor do we refrain from participation in competitions and tournaments, it is simply not what dictates the standards by which we train.
  • Q. Are uniforms provided?
    A. No, uniforms are currently not provided. We can assist you in obtaining a uniform (Gi) at about $20 for a new student uniform. These are light weight uniforms and suggested for new and beginning students. We advise that you not spend a lot of money on a uniform up front. Make sure your student is going to like karate and will stick with it for a while before investing in a heavier weight Gi. Also, kids tend to grow fast, so a lightweight Gi will be fine, they will probably outgrow it before long.
  • Q. Do we have to buy a uniform (Gi) through the school?
    A. No. You may be able to find a uniform for cheaper. That is fine by us. We encourage you to keep your costs low. Here are some guidelines, however. The Gi must be a karate Gi and it must be white if it is the student’s only Gi. We allow students to have a black Gi, as well, once they are a blue belt or above, for training only with our school. ALL students MUST have a white Gi. If you need clarification, ask Sempai Chris or Sensei John.
  • Q. When does a student need to have a uniform (Gi)?
    A. We prefer each student to have a Gi by the time they are ready for their first test (approximately 3 to 4 months).
  • Q. When must a uniform be worn?
    A. If you have a uniform, you must wear it unless otherwise specified. A white Gi MUST be worn for all tests, guest workouts (we host other schools and teachers, sometimes), multi-school events, tournaments, competitions, camps, seminars, any time Grandmaster Kise or Kaicho are present.
  • Q. My student mentioned a notebook and handed me some papers from karate class, what is he/she talking about?
    A. Karate, like any discipline, requires learning and studying to develop the skills that it can teach the student. We require each student to take notes and build a notebook as they grow and learn. Over time, it will be difficult for a student to remember every detail that they will learn. You will find that as your student progresses, the tests are cumulative. Each test is a test of not just recent material for their next belt, but a review of everything they have learned up to that point. If they keep a notebook, they will have a reference to study.
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